Free Projects

Tutorial Tuesday - Crystal Squaredelle Dangle Earrings

4:16 PM
Free Projects

Tutorial Tuesday - Agate and Crystal Squaredelle Necklace and Bracelet

1:34 PM

Designs In The United Kingdom's Bead Magazine Using Soft Flex Beading Wire

4:34 PM

Soft Flex Live Design Challenge On Facebook With Pulsar

3:29 PM

Soft Flex Live Design Challenge - Santa Fe Jewelers Supply

4:49 PM

Free Make-It-Take-Its At Arizona’s Ultimate Women’s Expo – Spring 2017

4:24 PM
Free Projects

DIY Video - Trick To Crimping A Single Strand Of Soft Flex Beading Wire With Magical Crimpers

9:33 AM

An Attitude of Gratitude: A New Baby, The World's Best Job and A Wonderful Husband

7:00 AM

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