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Flying home from Beadfest in PA...

11:57 AM

How great is modern technology, that I can blog from the airport while I wait to board my flight? YAY!

Beadfest in King of Prussia kept us pretty busy this weekend. I am sorry to say that I missed the last day. I caught a bug and actually went to a "minute clinic" in a cvs pharmacy to get checked out. I was concerned that it was turning into an ear infection and I shouldn't fly home. Thankfully, my ears are fine and after a lot of sleep, I feel a little better today. Not great - but not awful. My co-workers (Thomas, Paula & Jenny) were so wonderful to let me take the day to rest.

Of course, someone will be getting a surprise in the mail soon - $1,000 in Soft Flex products from the treasure chest drawing. I'm using the elusive "someone" because I missed the drawing - so I'm not sure who exactly won. BUT, I know someone did win! So congrats to...."someone".

I got to see some of my friends from the Bead Society of Greater New York. They are too good to be true. I always enjoy catching up with them.

I'm wearing my new necklace in this's and some of my Sonoma purchases from Hip Chick Beads. It turned out great - I'll have to post a close up shot when I find time. :)

Speaking of New York, our show in the Big Apple is coming up quick. Do you have it marked on your calendar?!

Okay - it is just about time to get on my flight. So, I'd better hop off my computer and prepare myself for the long flight home. We have middle seats - ARGH!

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