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Knitting on a spool with Soft Flex Wire

2:49 PM

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I can't say that I'm always the best at written instruction or photographs, but I'm going to give it my best shot! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or email me Also, I am right handed. If you are left handed, you could feed the wire in the opposite direction if that feels more comfy for you.

Not only are there 3 different styles of knitting spools available (3-peg, 4-peg and 5-peg) but there are several different ways to knit on each spool. I've learned 3 variations. The first two were taught to me many years ago by Diane Trepanier are called a Single Knit and a Double Knit.

SINGLE KNIT: Stick the wire down the center of the spool. When teaching this technique, I always describe the face of the knitting spool like a clock. So you can see below that the wire is running to the left of 12 o'clock.

Wrap the wire clockwise around 12pm, pass through the middle of the spool and then wrap clockwise around 10pm, then 8pm, 4pm & 2pm. You should have one loop around each peg. (In my design, I'm using 2 wire colors: Purple Soft Flex Wire and Pink Soft Flex Wire, but treating them as if they are one wire.)

Simply repeat the pattern and wrap each peg a second time. And then, starting at 12pm, use your stylus (comes with the knitting spool) to pull the bottom loop up over the top loop and into the middle of the spool.
For a bracelet, knit about 5 inches of chain. When ready to remove from the knitting spool, cut the wire that you have been feeding in with about 2-3 inches to spare to create a tail. Carefully pull each loop off of the spool. Push your tail through each loop. Play around with it and cinch down as tight as you can get it. And finally, crimp the wire to an eye pin, pull the eye pin through a cone and wire wrap to the single strand clasp of your choice.

DOUBLE KNIT: Is exactly the same, except you will wind 3 loops around each peg and pull the bottom loop up over the top two loops. More wire will be running through this design so it will be much more dense.

The third style was taught to me by Lisa Vernon, my Soft Flex Company co-worker. It is also very similar to the Single Knit and Double Knit but yields a design that looks more like a Viking Knit. The basic instructions that come with each spool are for this variation.

You will only wrap the wire around each peg once. When you return to 12pm, you will not pass through the center but instead wrap the wire around the outside of the peg.

In this style of knitting, you will only have one loop of wire on each peg at all times (instead of 2 or 3). You will pull the loop over the top of the wrapped piece of wire and into the middle. Continue until you have created about 5 inches of chain.

Click on each picture to see a blown up view of how these different styles look!

Not only can you change your design by choosing a different style of knitting - you can also use different colors, different diameters or gauges of wire and different kinds of materials. I used Soft Flex colors in .019/Medium in these two designs.

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17 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Pretty! I especially dig the blue one. I'll have to try one of my own... xoxo

  2. Oh my gosh, this makes me want to play hookey today and make one of these!! How cool and how nice of you to share. I will have to mark this so I come back when I have time to make this. Have a great day! Lisa C.,

  3. Well this has brought back childhood memories. I use to do this with wool has a child. useing a wooden spool of cotton.....janetlily Etsy

  4. good tutorial. I am thinking the new bright color soft flex wires will rock with this method. I love using 28g SS wire and doing this method and then pulling it through a draw plate to tighten it up.

  5. Knitting is relaxing. I see why so many people do it in their spare time. :)

  6. Thisd is so neat- taking a common craft when we were kids and using it in a different way! Wonderful idea!

  7. Love the technique! Can't wait to give it a try.

  8. Can you pull it through a drawplate with using the soft flex?

    Your work is beautiful and the tutorial easy to understand.

  9. When taken through a drawplate, the Soft Flex will just spring back out again. If you knit with Artistic Wire, you can pull it through a drawplate and it will pull the chain thinner.

    I'm so glad that the tutorial is easy to understand. :)

  10. ooooh, this brings back childhood memories! I made tons of wool chain with these, and for a while now I've been thinking of trying it with wire. You may just have given me the final push! Thanks! :-))
    Wezz -

  11. By coincidence I have picked up my spool after putting together a load of hand-crafted Christmas gifts as a break in the pace. I am making some bracelets with beads as you illustrate, but am also doing some necklaces to use my polymer jumbo cabochons.

  12. I have a project due this month using the knitting spool that I'm still trying to get to. :)

    Have fun!

  13. Your article on knitting on a spool with Soft Flex Wire was great. I had been looking at my 2 different spools with no instructions about perfect timing. Plus the inspiration! Thank you!!

  14. I have tried two of your designs and they are beautiful.

    Satin Impression

  15. Hi! Great tute! I will be linking at in future post.


  16. Wow, I remember doing this as a kid with thread. Never did I think you could do this with wire. I have been doing Viking Knit and this would be Much easier. Can't wait to try it, thanks..Kim Nelson


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