Soft Flex Extreme Beading Wire And Trio Packages

12:59 PM

A big thank you to Avogana at A Beading Blog for the lovely post about our new eco-friendly wire and ever growing aspiration to become a more environmentally friendly company! And thank you to everyone that has been so supportive! We have a ways to go, but each department is looking more and more at where we can do better, be more resourceful and less wasteful in our daily process. Just today I spoke with each owner, Mike and Scott about our shipping dept and how we can start thinking toward the future and how we can make changes to follow our new train of thought. It helps to have received so much support in this new endeavor and to work for such forward thinking bosses. As for the wire, whether eco-friendly or not, I think that everyone just loves how soft and flexible the new Extreme Wire is. It really is unique.

A big thank you to Andrew Thornton for posting about our new Trios wire (picture above from Andrew's blog). In such a colorful craft, why not use colored beading wire. The Trios let you try 3 colors in 10ft spools for practically the same price as one color in a 30ft spool. The 10 new Soft Flex colors are really pretty. Just for my own personal use, I picked up 30ft spools in Peridot, Pink Tourmaline, Spinel, Tanzanite and Garnet.

To get the best of both world's, there is a Trio in our eco-conscious new Extreme wire. Check out our Extreme Trio!

Blog contributor Sara Oehler (the original SoftFlexGirl) is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Soft Flex Company. Find her on facebook or her blog. She'd love to hear from you! So, please feel free to leave comments or email her at

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