Spring Fever

3:54 PM

Kristen and I met up today at the Fair Trade Cafe in downtown Phoenix, AZ. There seemed to be a senior skip day in progress upon our arrival. Lots of teens from a local high school had found their way to the coffee shop. It was pretty loud and not exactly the best work environment. However, I have a feeling that this was fairly unusual. Once the teens cleared out, the energy flowing through was far better. I felt like we accomplished a lot today and that speaks volumes on the establishment. There wasn't a lot of distractions and the time flew by with us both feeling quite comfortable. I'll definitely be back!

It is absolutely gorgeous outside today. Summer will be here quickly and in Arizona, that isn't something that you exactly look forward to. I enjoy summer more than most, even in the extreme heat. But you can't beat a nice April day in Phoenix. It was cool enough today to wear long sleeves, but warm enough for cute sandals.

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