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3:08 PM

Nothing tickles me more than to see how many people from all over the world enjoy our products. It is amazing to look at the website stats and see so many people are visiting from so many different places. I love seeing the words "Soft Flex" mixed in with Japanese or Chinese characters or surrounded by German, French, Brazilian, etc. I have been seeing this more and more frequently in some of the international blogs. Today I stumbled upon a blog called Beads, beads, beads. It is in English and Estonian. Awesome!!!!

Proovisin ära selle Soft Flex traadi, millest eelmises postituses kirjutasin. Väääga rahul olen :) Ei murdu, paindub hästi, hoiab vormi ja jääb parajalt pehme.
Valmis sai komplekti, metallist roosidega. Klaaspärlid, -helmed ja mõned ehtekivid. Värvikombinatsioon on teile juba tuttav...

So I tried this Soft Flex wire that I wrote about before. I'm sooo happy :) Doesn't frail, is flexible, keeps its shape and drapes well.
I made a set, with metal roses. Glass pearls, beads and few rhinestones. Colour combination may be familiar to you...

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