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Crimps are so little, it is easy to forget just how important they are. Many times, they hold an entire design together. It is important to find a dealer that will stand behind the quality of their crimps. Our crimp tubes are double the wall thickness of most and are also seamless. Sterling silver is a soft metal - so it is important that there is enough sterling silver in the crimp tube to withstand the force used when crimping.

Above and beyond the crimp tube itself, the most common errors that I see when using the regular crimping pliers are easy fixes. 1. Don't use a lot of force with the regular crimping pliers. As I said above, sterling is pretty soft. It doesn't take much force to compress a crimp tube. 2. Also, after you fold the crimp tube with the "rounder", go around the crimp several more times with the "rounder" gently compressing. This will allow you to mold it into the perfect shape and make sure that the crimp is snuggly attached onto the Soft Flex Wire.

To learn more about crimps and crimping, visit our Soft Flex School of Design.

Remember, ask for Soft Flex beading wire, tools and crimps by name at your local bead shop. We consider quality a necessity and only put our name on simply the best products.

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