Knot tying stainless steel

11:12 AM

Pearls knotted using Soft Flex Extreme 24K Gold, 925 Sterling Silver & Champagne.

One of the neatest features of Soft Flex Beading Wire products is that you can actually knot the wire. You will not lose any strength or durability where the wire is knotted. Remember when I talked about tensile strength? Tensile strength refers to the breaking point when the wire will snap under the stress of weight and pull. From the very beginning, it was important to Scott and Mike that their wire was strong enough to be knotted. And what that meant to them was not that it could just be knotted but that it would not lose strength, work harden and break at the knot. So from day one, Soft Flex Beading Wire was tested for tensile strength with and without a knot. Our wire will not break under duress any sooner regardless of knot or no knot. Strong & flexible, Soft Flex was the first beading wire that could truly be knotted. It speaks volumes about the strength and durability of the product. If the product cannot be knotted then it will likely break easily if it is kinked. And there are beading wire brands made by other manufacturers that specifically advertise no knotting. Be aware.

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