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Set up day at Bead & Button

6:20 PM

Hello from Milwaukee. Today was our set up day. I leisurely made my way to Borders this morning for coffee and to purchase the first installment in the "Dead & Unwed" series. Yes, this is my 3rd vampire series in the past year. I'm really not INTO vampires. I keep getting recommendations for more and more vampire books. Then, I came back to the hotel and created a pair of earrings to go with the dress that I plan to wear on Friday. I flipped through several fashion magazines on my way way to Milwaukee. I'm seeing a lot of fringe and ruffles. Fringe on shoes, on bags, on dresses. So, my earrings were inspired by the idea of fringe. Pictures are posted below. Anyway, set up went smoothly. The booth looks fantastic. I have my video camera so I tested out taking video of the booth so that I can post some videos for everyone to see over the next few days. You will have to bear with me, I'm just getting my footing in this whole video thing. I learned a few good lessons in my practice run today.


I used one 3x3mm crimp tube with the mighty crimping pliers to attach to the ear wire. And then 1x1mm crimp tubes with the micro crimping pliers to anchor 3mm black crystals onto a few ends of the wire.

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5 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. You are SO GOOD at this!! I have wanted to make earrings or some piece of jewelry with "fringe" like you have done in these earrings. I think they are so perfect!

  2. Thank you for the compliment! I have done something similar before with our very fine Soft Touch. But that is only available in black, white and steel tone. Also, it doesn't have quite the body and shape that Soft Flex in .019/Medium does. It dawned on me that the thicker wire in the colors would look completely different and much more fringe like. With 22 color options, there are lots of fun combos for a pair of earrings like this!

    Here's the other pair: Much more delicate. :)

  3. So cute!! They will be awesome with your dress (which I also like a lot!)
    My friends always tease me because I am always "whipping up" jewelry to go with an outfit I'm wearing somewhere. It's pretty handy to be able to do that though, isn't it?
    Have fun!!

  4. Gorgeous stuff! I want a job like yours! I am trying to get my Swarovski beaded jewelry store up and running and maybe I can bead full time. I'd like to take a class somewhere so I learn how to teach beading. I love Softflex beading wire. I don't like to use any other!!


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