bead show

Soft Flex booth at Bead & Button

8:29 PM

Many of our gemstones never make it online. We carry such a unique variety of stones, sometimes we can only get a single strand. In that case, it will only go to the shows because it doesn't makes sense to do all of the work to put it online. We have stones at the shows that will blow your mind. We only pick the best and we handpick our entire selection. IT ROCKS (pun intended)! I recorded sample of just one case. I'll try to get more video tomorrow. Most days are just so busy, it's really hard to get good video. It gets so loud on the show floor. Alas, this is what I got for today. I hope you enjoy!

This is just a quick run over our booth.

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5 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. The booth looks awesome! The new layout is really fantastic. It's come so far from the days when I used to be at the B&B shows :)

  2. Really sad that I can't make it this year!

  3. Someday I might make it to the Bead & Button show...

  4. Fantastic thanks for sharing with us.


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