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5:16 PM

Here is my dilemma every time I go to the theater....the evening bag. I cannot take my regular purse as it is huge. There is hardly enough space for me in my theater seat without trying to share it with a large purse as well. Most of my evening purses do not have handles or if they do have a handle it is a very short handle that you still have to carry. I am not a carry your purse in your hands kind of girl. First and foremost, I'm forgetful. I might just leave it somewhere. Second, I gesture a lot. I need my hands free in order to better communicate. So....what to do?

I looked through my purses and realized that one of them did indeed have a long, sling-over-your-body handle. Hmmmm. It was some sort of rope. No wonder I had never used it. So I decided I better doctor it up a bit. What better for SoftFlexGirl than to have a Soft Flex handle?
I quickly strung up some seed beads and crystals onto my black .024/Heavy Soft Flex Beading Wire. I didn't have much time - so nothing fancy. But, I could definitely make a few interchangeable handles for this purse in my free time and have lots of different options for my theater outings.

And now, I won't lose my purse. I can gesture with my hands. And I will have space in my seat for just me and little, itty bitty purse. YAY!

Wicked, here I come!

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Your new purse is wicked! The strap is really pretty and much daintier. I'm sure it was just prefect for the theater.

  2. It worked out so much better than I had even anticipated. It is now my designated theater purse. :)


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