Happy 4th of July!

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Happy 4th of July, America!

One of the most beautiful things about America and the American people is our endless generosity. In honor of that generosity, today's post is about one of the many causes that receive donations from Soft Flex Company. SFC is a U.S. manufacturer and entrepreneurial dream come true. We come from humble and modest means and use innovative ideas to keep propelling us forward. We are always happy when we can give a little back to the beading community as well as a few other charities that have touched our employees more personally.

Fe Y Alegria Charity

Click to get a better look:

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Anyone who would like to donate should email Barbara at bdeconc@emory.edu. She will accept all donated supplies and she can put you in touch with the right place for cash donations.

See other charities that Soft Flex Company supports!

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