Okay, okay...I love artfire TOO!

9:14 AM

These designs all use Soft Flex products and are for sale on Artfire. Note that you can click on the link below the picture to get a closer look at each Artfire shop and the design shown.

Retro Rumbler
Artfire designer: firegoddess
Very cool! Love the yellow and green together.

Fine Silver Multi-Stone Fringe Bracelet
Artfire designer: Illyria
Nice color palette - very similar to our Romance Trio.

Artfire designer: DornickDesigns
I love simple - especially when simple looks this good!

Caribbean Dreams Lampwork Boro Beads Necklace
Artfire designer: JanelsonArts
Very sweet necklace. Kristen called it "bohemian chic". I tend to agree.

Amazonite and Borosilicate Bracelet
Artfire designer: alexandra 95062
So beautiful!

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Thank you so much, Sara! My "Molecule" bracelet looks lovely on your blog post :) ♥ ~ Kathy

  2. I love that molecule bracelet! It is a cool name for a cool looking piece of jewelry!


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