An oldie, but a goodie

12:00 PM

I made this years ago but could not wear it because the bead that dangles down in the front was too light. So I finally updated it with a larger, heavier onyx bead. Now it is ready to wear and I can't wait to have somewhere to wear it. CHA in Orlando perhaps?

In this design I use onyx, black tourmaline, hypersthene and made my own chain using non-tarnish silver Craft Wire. I love that the Craft Wire doesn't tarnish or change colors - no polishing later - yay!

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4 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Thanks - I'm wearing it today. Of course, only my dog really gets to see it but I know it looks good! It has a really nice weight to it now.

  2. It's great to go back and make a design better. I love the black and silver, classic color pairing!

  3. I love color but I often times wear black when I travel (which is often) to cut down on the accessories that I bring. This will be perfect with quite a few different dresses. :)


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