Sara Smiles

9:44 AM

I made the pendant as a Make-It-Take-It at CHA in Anaheim this past January at the Vintaj booth. It has one of my many nicknames on it, "Sara Smiles". The pendant started out as a flat round disk. Vintaj had all sorts of neat tools to hammer, shape, stamp, etc.

The other parts and pieces are also from Vintaj. They were given to me by Jamie Hogsett for a holiday present. THANKS JAMIE!!! I've been holding onto them for a special design. Last Friday, I spent the entire afternoon and evening beading with my best friend Erin. This was one of the products of my time and energy. I love it. It turned out great. The only thing I need to work on is getting a little more weight down at the pendant so that it doesn't pull up and twist quite so easily. Isn't everything just a work in progress! :)

I used the new Soft Flex Extreme Wire in champagne color. It was the perfect bridge between the brass findings from Vintaj and the silver crimps. I don't use brass crimps - so I was happy to have a segway to bring the two metals together and have it be successful.

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4 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Now i have that song stuck in my head

  2. What a fabulous piece! I love it. And it's super personal which makes it even more awesome :)


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