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We get so many really nice compliments in our customer surveys, I thought I'd share just few with you today. We love feedback and suggestions. I am on the receiving end of the surveys, and it always brightens my day. :)

Some anonymous statements from our customer surveys:

"It is the only wire we carry in our shop!!!!! Nothing compares to it!!!"

"I have enjoyed your web site, it is fun to see all your great designs, thank you."

"I'm sure a lot of ppl will be saying this. Your photography setup is superb. Your pictures came out great."


" Prior to checking out the Free projects section, I had no interest in working with wire. NOW I'm interested."

"I use only Soft Flex for my stringing needs."

"I enjoy the prompt service in ordering my items. Thank you. "

"I appreciate your free designs and the quality of your web site, as well as the quality of the materials you sell. Keep up the good work!"

"Keep up the good work!"

"LOVE your products."

"Wonderful projects that give great inspiration to a beginner beader like me. There are many beautiful creations in your project ideas."

"Love the flat rate fee! No more guessing on how much shipping will be! Thanks again!"

"I do love the soft-flex beading wire! My first beading project was a disaster with other wire I purchased. I made the bracelet over 3 times and each time the wire broke in a different place. Did some googling and found out most preferred soft-flex! Made the bracelet and it held great!"

"I just love SOFT TOUCH wire."

"You have excellent products, and we have been customers, mostly at the trade shows, for many years (decades?)."

"I really love your web site. I find it very helpful, as I'm a beginner. Love the tips and tricks and free projects especially. Thank You."

"I am new to your site, I have found it to be complete and very easy to navigate."

"Lisa Vernon is very helpful!!"

"Sara was extremely prompt and helpful in answering my questions! Thanks!"

"Everyone is very friendly. Orders are processed expediently."

"My clients swear I have the strongest, most well made necklaces. I swear it's because of your beading wire!"

Well, I could go on for hours....A big thank you to the customers that fill out our surveys. The kind words and comments are always so pleasant to read. :)

Every month we give away one 100ft spool of Soft Flex Wire to one very lucky recipient that took one of our surveys. The June winner is Susan Watson of East Troy, WI. Congrats to Susan!

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