The Anniversary Event at Rings & Things

4:30 PM

It was another lovely day in Spokane. I discovered the Farmer's Market on my way to get coffee this morning. I didn't have time to stop, other than to take a picture. But, it is always nice to see a farmer's market. This is just up the road from Rings & Things.

I got my table all set up with Soft Flex designs showing all of our fun colors. It is always neat to take a tour of a place like Rings & Things, who have been in business for well over 30 years. The inventory is mind boggling. I think that someone said that they have over 20,000 items online. I really liked how they used the space. Everything seemed well organized and the staff is top notch. They were all really helpful and pleasant.

Dave even shared his earl grey tea with me. It was just the pick me up that I needed mid-day. Thanks Dave! Follow Dave with all of the latest news for Rings & Things on twitter @Rings_Things.
At lunch, I was in shock and awe of the glorious break room that Rings & Things offers their staff. It was huge and had large windows that filter in natural light for real, live plants. YAY!. It was such a nice place to spend lunch. As shown above, Rings & Things is very much into being environmentally friendly. They separate and recycle. Love THAT! Learn more about their green efforts HERE.

Below, you'll find a few random shots of the wholesale showroom and the warehouse. What a great outfit they have!

And finally, last but certainly not least. I LOVED this bag. Rings and Things customer Kris Fiala chit chatted with me for quite awhile. When she put down her bag, I realized that the straps are like a huge diameter of Soft Flex with a HUGE crimp attaching them to the bag! I just had to get a photo! Kris makes & sells these bags and is hoping to get some up on Etsy soon. In the meantime, you can contact her at if you'd like to order one. SO COOL!

All in all, it was a really nice day with Rings & Things! Nice place, nice people & nice products. I look forward to seeing them again soon. I have a short video and more pictures to post possilby next week!

Rings & Things History:

In 1972, Ring's & Things' owner Russ Nobbs opened a tiny retail jewelry store in Spokane, Washington, after several years selling handmade gold-wire name pins and beady earrings at state fairs around the Pacific Northwest. The original Rings & Things shop was situated in an old downtown building that had been renovated as a mall run by artists, musicians, crafters and restauranteurs. The original store's filigree and bead earrings were soon joined by handcrafted sterling silver jewelry, followed by beads ... and a whole lot more.

A few years later, we added a mail-order print catalogsto our operations. When the arts mall was slated to be torn down to build a bank, all branches of Rings & Things – our fine-crafts gallery "The Jeweler's Bench," our retail bead store and our wholesale division – moved to a nearby skywalk level mall.

We ran the retail store and mail-order business simultaneously for several years. But, in 2000, the retail store closed, freeing up resources for our wholesale mail-order business to expand — Rings & Things was becoming a wholesale resource for the nation, and the world! In 2005, having long outgrown our mail-order digs on the 9th floor of a downtown department-store building, we bought our own warehouse. In our new home we're still growing, thanks to you!

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  1. Neat to see our place through someone else's eyes! Thanks for coming to visit at Rings & Things' anniversary sale, Sara, it was nice to meet you in person :)



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