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BeadFest in PA

7:52 PM

Message from the winner of $1000 prize in Soft Flex beading products:

Just a real quick cyber note to say Thank you So much for the wonderful door prize at Bead Fest Philadelphia. I still am not believing I won!! Even now that I have laid it all out on the floor and ohhed and ahheed over it all. Where/what do I start with first???

As my business card says, I am an heirloom sewing and smocking shop owner. However I also love many other ‘needle’ arts including beading. The purpose of my bead show visit was to obtain all the beads necessary to make a small dozen ‘bracelets’ as gifts for my fellow board members of SAGA [Smocking Arts Guild of America]. We are having our 30th anniversary convention in Indianapolis the end of September and as Region Rep we often share little goodies with each other. I am doing blue and pearl bracelets…all that soft flex will come in handy!! Thank you again.

THANK YOU for pulling my name. I never win anything…I swear.

- Karen K Eveland Mount Holly, NJ

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