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8:31 PM

Hello! I've been so busy this week, I cannot quite get my head on straight. I loaded about 9 new videos from CHA on our Youtube as well as sent all of my follow ups from CHA. I met loads of really nice designers, store owners, manufacturers, etc. I'm heading out of town for a long weekend, Thurs-Sunday. So I really wanted to be sure that I had dotted most of my i's and crossed most of my t's. Josh and I are heading back to Mt. Graham. Our fourth of July adventure whet our appetite for more. I'll definitely take lots of photos so that I can share the beauty. Mostly we are looking forward to some cool weather. I think the high is around 70 degrees, which is a far cry from the 115 degrees that you will find when walking out my front door.

On twitter, I received a link to an article about CHA today and wanted to share. Wendy T. Gibson posted a nice article on Handmade News. She was kind enough to mention me. You should check it out! If you are on twitter, you should follow @wendytgibson!

Reporters from Craft Critique stopped by our booth at CHA. Stop by and visit them to see a few photos and tid bits from them. Follow them @CraftCritique. Also, check out Jenny over at Craft Test Dummies.

If you get a chance, stop over at Bliss Tree to see the kind words about Soft Flex Wire. Quote: "I knew that it had the softest drape of any wire, but that it was also the strongest…how can that be?" Read more! Thanks Cyndi! Follow @blisstree.

Dawno received your Tweet-a-lot prize. She won a free Extreme Trio package for participating in a contest on Twitter. I'll be posting a new contest this coming week, so stay tuned. Follow Dawno on twitter @AWDawno.

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Well, thank you so much for the mention! I'm doing a follow-up article this week and would love to hear the top 3 things you hearted from CHA!

    Plus, I just got my first spool of Extreme 925 flex, Sterling Silver wire! *jumps up & down squealing* and can't wait to show you something abfab asap!

    : D

    Tweet ya l8r!

  2. I really liked the photo/momento carousel. I showed it from the innovations booth on my you tube video. It was really neat.


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