Day 7 - Seven days of Inspiration

9:00 AM

Free Project Idea
Design by Jamie Hogsett

More FRINGE! The new wire colors are perfect for fringe! This design uses the Renewal Trio, which has Emerald, Chrysoprase & Peridot.

Flex Your Creativity Beading Contest
Submissions due September 1, 2009.
Just use all 3 colors from any Trio in your unique design and send us a photo. What could be easier.

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Another lovely inspiration! I got my 5 completed entries in last night, wanted to do one more, but my weekend was cut in half by a heatwave. Guess that Mystical Trio entry won't make it unless I can finish it tonight in time to photograph.

  2. I saw you entries. Thanks for participating. You had some really neat ideas. :)


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