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2:31 PM

This is easily the best video from the series of videos that I did with Mike at CHA in Orlando. It is long at a little over 7 minutes, but is well worth the time. Mike's passion for beading is infectious.

Mike talks about the new Soft Flex Beading Wire products for 2009. He discusses how to expose the wire and use the color as a designer element. In 2009, Soft Flex launched the world's first "green" beading wire for jewelry design. We also launched 10 new gemstone colors - garnet, citrine, peridot, pink tourmaline, red jasper, chrysoprase, fluorite, green turquoise, spinel and tanzanite. We created variety packs called Trios that allow you to try 3 colors for the price of one. Three 10 foot spools in each package. Pretty neat!

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