What does "Made in the USA" really mean?

1:18 PM

In the video above, Mike Sherman (owner of Soft Flex Company) talks about the quality of the bare materials that we use in order to construct our beading wire as well as the stringent quality assurance process that we have in place. He talks about the requirements that are needed in order to package a product as "Made in the USA" and encourages designers, bead stores and manufacturers to be knowledgeable about where the raw materials of each brand of beading wire are actually manufactured. I love talking to Mike on video because what you see is actually exactly what you get. He is very conversational on video and if you were to stop by our booth and talk to him in person, it would sound and feel very similar to this video. I was able to capture quite a few really great videos of Mike at CHA on Sunday. I am loading them up on Youtube today. I'll be posting them over the coming weeks.

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  1. Nice to learn more behind the scenes info on the wire


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