Last day in London

12:45 PM

Well, this is it. My last day. The show was slower today, as the last day of most shows are. I had a lovely Coq Au Vin at a small French restaurant for dinner. I'll miss Earl's Court (our little section of London). There are lots of really great places to eat. On one little side street (shown above), there is English, Chinese, Indian, Thai, French & Japanese. What a selection?! Although I am a little sad to go, I must say that I'm quite excited to get home to Josh & Honey. I miss them.

What's next? Well, I have one day to recover before I will head down to Tucson for Saturday and Sunday for the Best Bead Show. Thankfully, Josh is probably coming with me. That will make it extra special.

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. I enjoyed reading about your trip to London! Thank you for posting. Next time I am coming with you!

  2. oh pooh!!! theres a big sale this weekend at LIberty of London! So glad you had a lovely time!

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    LONDON | 10 September 2009
    Liberty of London Sample Sale
    What: Up to 90 per cent (yes, 90) off ready-to-wear, accessories, beachwear and beauty products.
    Why: Set sale.
    When: Sat., noon-7 p.m.; Sun., noon-6 p.m.; Mon., 10 a.m.-7 p.m.
    Where: Liberty, Great Marlborough St., W1B 5AH (020 7734 1234). Print invitation and R.S.V.P. to for entry.


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