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I can't say enough about how wonderful our Soft Flex Professional Beading Tools are. Our branded tools are Made in the USA. They are available in short and long handles. These pliers and cutters are constructed of high grade alloy steel with ergonomic foam cushion handles. They have a lap-joint. It is really the details that make these tools so great. For instance, the chain nose pliers have a "eased inner jaw edge". This helps deter marring your wire when you bend wire.

Click picture for a better view.

I could toot our own horn about our cutters for hours, but I am obviously biased. Here is a testimonial from well known designer and artist Kate McKinnon on our tools. "The Soft Flex cutters are the single most valued tool in my studio. They have retained their precise edge after years of abuse, and are a joy to use. I really feel as if it is a lifetime tool. Hey, I love it so much that there is a close-up photo of it on the first page of my design workbook!" Our pliers and cutters are top of the line.
For beginners, we offer all of the basics at affordable prices. We are sticklers for quality. So even our $7.95 pair of pliers has been tried, tested and approved by our staff. Afterall, we are beaders just like you. Here are some of our most popular tool categories:

Bead Stoppers & Hold On
Chain Nose Pliers
Crimping Pliers
Knitting Spools
Braiding Boards (similar to kumihemo)
Mats, Boards & Sizers
Rounds Nose Pliers
Speeder Beaders & Needles
Twist N Curl

These color tipped bead stoppers are a Soft Flex exclusive. The tips make them so much easier to use and keep track of.

Speeder Beaders are a precision tool. They guide the wire through a bead, quick and easy. You won't need this everyday, but it sure is handy to have one when you do need it.

Look for Soft Flex brand tools in your local bead store, craft store or online supplier. Soft Flex is a name that you can count on for simply the best products.

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  1. *smacks forehead* *insert explicative*

    i wish i was more observant - i just ordered a new pair of side nippers...... next time i will get them here for sure

  2. I absolutely CANNOT live without my SoftFlex cutters. CANNOT.

  3. Lori, I feel the same way. They are pretty wonderful. :)


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