Bulk Beading Wire for Manufacturing Jewelry - 1000 & 5000 Foot Spools

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As the world of beaded jewelry making matures worldwide, we are seeing a huge trend toward using quality products in mass production settings. More and more companies are moving further and further away from the lower end craft products that you will find on any Michael's shelf. They want a superior quality product, Soft Flex Brand Beading Wire.

Unfortunately some of these new accounts even come with horror stories. I had one company tell me that they had been using a craft brand beading wire that is pretty well known. They mass produce jewelry items for QVC. They had the whole nylon shell slide off of the braided steel during the testing process. As I'm sure you know, for a jewelry designer to have this happen in front of such an important client is absolutely not acceptable. It is quite literally the worst case scenario. Needless to say, they chose to switch over to our professional quality beading wire. And at the end of the day, I think that they have been quite pleased with our vast color selection.

It is important to note that we not only sell our beading wire in spools of 30 feet - 9 meters & 100 feet - 30.5 meters of length. We also sell our beading wire in lengths of 1000 feet - 304.8 meters & 5000 feet - 1524 meters. The more you buy at once, the better your price will be. You can buy these large length spools from any of our distributors domestically or abroad in any color, diameter or brand. We are happy to meet your manufacturing needs.

No matter what you might be doing, 1 necklace, 1000 necklaces or 1,000,000 necklaces, don't settle for less than the best in beading wire. I cannot stress enough the importance of a quality framework. This is your reputation that we are talking about here, for building strong and reliable jewelry. We take your reputation as well as ours very seriously. Your success is our success.

For more on buying bulk beading wire, check out this video from Mike Sherman co-owner of Soft Flex Company.

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