Fall/Winter 2009 Color Report Bead & Jewelry Designers

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I recently had the opportunity to read Margie Deeb's latest color report. It is far and away worth its $9.95 list price. In the color report, you will find:

  • Seasonal inspiration for your contemporary designs
  • Forecast information designated by the individual PANTONE® Color #
  • Suggested gemstones, Delica® and Swarovski® Component colors
  • Color swatches are referenced to the PANTONE® for fashion and home color palette
I especially loved the "Colors in Context" section (pictured above on the right). Seeing the colors actually mixed together really inspired me. I love the challenge of using new and hot color palettes.

Testimonials from Margie Deeb's website:

Responses to the Spring/Summer 2008 Color Report for Bead Artists:

"I really like the color report - particularly because there are colors that I probably would not have considered or noticed and this gives new directions to travel. I also REALLY appreciated the listing of the gemstones."
- Kathy L.

"Very helpful. I tend to work in certain palettes over and over again, but seeing a different palette helps me move out of my comfort zone."
- Susan K.

"I appreciated the fact that you mentioned your initial reaction to some of the Pantone colors for this season and yet after exploring them, your reaction to them changed. It reminds me to be open to colors I might not usually consider for jewelry (or wearing)."
- Rosalynn B.

"I know I will not care for every season's colors but The Color Report for Bead Artists still gives me an idea of what to look for when designing for the next season. It is very helpful knowing that what I make will work with what is in the stores for those months."
- Betty

You can find new postings from Margie Deeb, the beading color guru, every single month in Spotlight on....
October Spotlight on...Color

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