Giveaway - Enter To Win New Soft Flex Beading Wire Trios Variety Packs

9:00 AM

Yay! New Soft Flex Trios! Distributors and bead stores are placing their orders and receiving their product as I type today. Look for these products and ask for them by name in your local bead or craft store. These latest Trios are perfect for a holiday gift to the new beader in your life. The Soft Flex & Soft Touch Multi-diameter packages give you 10 feet in 3 diameters. Each spool clearly marks what each diameter is used for. So it is a great way for a newbie to learn about the diameters and what will work best for them and their creations. Love THAT!

Let's celebrate with a giveaway!
Win a package with all 5 new Soft Flex Trio Variety Packs!

To simply enter to win once, leave a comment with your name and contact email.

To enter more than once:
1. Click to follow this blog. See the follow tool on the right side. Note in your comment that you are a blog follower.
3. Click to follow @SoftFlexCompany on twitter. Note in your comment that you are a twitter follower.
4. Click to befriend Soft Flex Wire on facebook. Note in your comment that you are a facebook friend.
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6. Use the share feature to share this giveaway. See the little icon below - choose your favorite social network and share our giveaway. Please note where you shared our giveaway in your comment. I will enter you as many times as you share this blog post with your social network!

If you already follow or have befriended us on one or several of the listed options, please note that in your comment. You will still be entered more than once.

Winner will be announced November 9th, 2009 around noon (PST) when our big Holiday Liquidation Sale gets started. You have 2 weeks to spread the word. Anyone can enter except current and former Soft Flex employees. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Good Luck!

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40 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Love softflex. Please enter me!

  2. Love your stuff and following on Twitter @bobgarrett (56,000 followers)

    my wife is the jewelry person
    @jgphl and has 20,000 followers on twitter as well

  3. Hello I am a blog follower. Love your company.

  4. Love SoftFlex - enter me to win please. Lila

  5. Would love to try this product.

  6. Entering the contest, please
    facebook friend
    twitter follower
    you tube soft flex girl subscriber
    shared on facebook!



  7. And...I'm a blog follower too!!

  8. Love Softflex, all the new colors-fabulous. Wish they sold them around the corner.

  9. Lovely products and I follow you on Facebook.

  10. I"m a blog follower. Don't subscribe to YouTube, but have watched some of the demos. Love SoftFlex! CJ

  11. All my Makings are Made with Soft Flex.

  12. got all bases covered kd7org on twitter elizabeth spencer on fb
    Thekd7org on you tube ans following here

  13. Friends on Facebook and MySpace, Twitter follower; Shared on Facebook, bookmarked on Google,, added YouTube; now what else was there to do? Am I entered yet (LOL)?

  14. Please enter me in the contest. I'm a blog follower. Thanks!

  15. I'm a facebook fan. Please enter me!

  16. Thanks for the kind words about our products!

    Remember to leave contact information or I won't be able to let you know if you win!!!!

  17. I'm a Facebook friend!!! i love softflex!!!


  18. Love your products... please enter me:

  19. let's see - blogged about it, shared on FriendFeed, am following you everywhere (no, I'm not a stalker - everywhere on the 'net!)...I guess that's worth an entry or two :-)

  20. Love Soft-flex!

    Following you on Twitter, Facebook, your blog, and will now sign up for youtube!

    In Beads and Happiness,
    Suzann Sladcik Wilson

  21. Just what this newbie beader needs!!! All the help she can get. :D @katiemae_beader on Twitter with 240+ followers :D

  22. I follow you on facebook and your blog. Please enter me in your contest.

  23. I adore Soft Flex! I haven't used anything else in years.

    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube: Check!
    Following blog: Check!
    Shared via new blog post, Facebook status and tweets on two different accounts (@whitewavejena and @appleblssmbeads) in the past 15 minutes: Check!

    Jena Vincent at

  24. Have been a SoftFlex friend on FaceBook for awhile but today added the blog to my FB account and my Google. LOVE the Trios! Off to add you to Twitter next.

  25. I follow your tweets! :) We both suffer from annoying flies LOL!

  26. I love your product and recommend it to all my beading friends. I would love to win the contest!

  27. Pick me!!

  28. ooh I love softflex!

    I follow your blog on google friends connect.

    i follow SoftFlexCompany on twitter - js22222222 .

    facebook friend-Joanne Schultz.

    shared on facebook -


    email in blogger profile.
    js22 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  29. I'm so excited to see all of the entries to win! Thanks for the sweet comments about our products and for sharing details of the giveaway through your social networks. :)

  30. For me, it's Softflex or nothing! Please enter me into the contest. Many thanks!!

  31. I love giveaways almost as much as I love Soft Flex trios! Please enter me in the giveaway!

  32. yay! softflex, love your products!

    following you on twitter @megpriley

  33. Soft Flex Trios give creativity endless possibilities. Expand your box.

  34. Love Soft Flex, will never go back to another wire! :)

    I'm following Soft Flex Company on twitter (@jessicaleap)

    I'm also a fan on of Soft Flex Company on Facebook too! :)

  35. I have an appointment today at noon. So I will choose the winner around 1-2pm (PST). I already put all of the current entries into a big bowl for the lottery. :)

    Thank you to everyone who entered!

  36. Love the new colors..... I would love to win these because I haven't tried them. Jan

  37. i think soft flex wire especially extreme flex sterling silver is awesome ! I dont use anything else

  38. I LOVE the variety of colors and different wire for the job at hand. Please enter me to WIN!!!!!!!!!!


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