Halloween Jewelry

9:00 AM

With Halloween coming, I thought that I'd offer a project idea that is perfect for Halloween but can really be worn any time of year. I think this design turned out modern with a little bit of edge. Here is the raw, unedited version. It will be an official free project idea soon. I hope that you enjoy.

Faux Barb Wire Bracelet



1. Cut two 8 inch strands of wire as well as twelve 2 inch strands of wire.
2. Use two 8 inch strands (the base wires) to string 1 crimp tube, move to the center and crimp. Except to attach the clasp in Step 7, all crimps are crimped using the Magical Crimping Pliers.
3. String 1 crimp tube on 2 strands coming out of the center crimp tube. Then, String 1 crimp tube onto both wires, stopping about an inch from the middle and crimp. Repeat two more times and three times on the opposite side of the middle crimp tube.

4. There are 12 open crimps sliding back and forth on the base wires. Thread a 2 inch strand. Repeat for the other 11 sliding crimps.

5. Now, you will see the 2 inch strands are overlapping in 10 spots. Use the two overlapping wires to string 1 crimp tube and crimp. Repeat in all 10 spots. The wires that stick out should not match each other in length. They can all be different.
6. Cut off one base wire on both sides of the design, leaving 1 base wire tail on both sides to attach to the clasp.

7. And finally, use the tail to string 1 crimp tube and the loop of the clasp. Pass back through the tube and and crimp using Regular Crimping Pliers. Trim the excess wire. Cover with a crimp cover. Repeat on the other side.

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3 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. I love this project! Nice and edgy.

  2. Thanks Melissa! Lately, I've enjoyed using the wire & crimps to create shape. Makes for an interesting texture.

  3. This is an awesome look for the wire! I could see incorporating some polymer clay pirate beads or maybe some spider beads into the design. Thanks for the inspiration!


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