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Mystical Trios Bracelet

10:45 AM

Guest Blogger: Jamie Hogsett
A bright, happy bracelet for a cold, cloudy day...

We had our first snow storm last week! It was much earlier than a lot of people would've liked, but those of you who know me know that I was delighted to see those first flakes. The snow happened five days ago and because it's been so gloomy and freezing ever since (literally - it hasn't been much above 32 degrees), most of the snow is still on the ground. I love this weather, but I miss the sun.

In lieu of some sunshine, here's a sparkly bracelet that makes me think of a warm spring day:

I made this piece with the Mystical Trios wire set, flower charms set with crystals in amethyst, rose, and Siam ruby, a sterling silver flower toggle clasp, sterling silver 3mm crimp tubes, and CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements in rose, light amethyst, and purple velvet. I used one strand of each wire color in the Trios set and strung the purple velvet beads and the amethyst charms on the amethyst wire, the light amethyst beads and the Siam ruby charms on the spinel wire, and the rose beads and rose charms on the pink tourmaline wire. I precounted the placement of the charms and proceeded to braid the wires, making sure to place each wire in the correct spot to keep the beads separated as shown. I'm writing the instructions for this piece today and it will soon be available as a Free Project in the Soft Flex Company School of Design. It would be so pretty in so many different color combinations!

Jamie Hogsett is the Education Coordinator for Soft Flex Company. Contact her at Jamie@SoftFlexCompany.com or via her blog at jamiehogsett.blogspot.com.

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