Fashion Treands Abound

9:00 AM

Us Weekly
November 9, 2009

InTouch Weekly
November 9, 2009

Big and bold is the way to go. Yellow says that loud and clear. I love yellow. I'm so happy to see so much of it this year.

And in other fashion news, I saw a nice link on facebook from the Crafty Chica about fashion that I thought I would share...

"Hillary Swank's portrayal of the flying ace has the blogosphere buzzing about feminism (in addition to groundbreaking flights, Earhart famously penned a missive to her husband-to-be eschewing any “medieval code of faithfulness”) and aviatrix fashion. Earhart popularized the women’s bomber (a jacket she sometimes slept in to emulate the broken-in, experienced look of her male counterparts), tweed menswear trousers, shag haircuts, and an anything-he-can-do-I can-do-better mentality—all ideas that were both ahead of their time and timeless."

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