Kumihemo with Soft Flex Beading Wire

9:00 AM

Design by Sam Derrivan
Inspired by Ann Diker's Braiding for Beading, 2nd Edition, Pg 19

Click on the picture for a better view.

3mm beads in sterling silver, gold filled, copper & brass work in harmony. She tied a knot on either side to help form the proper shape. She finished the design off by using a pair of sterling silver cones and a magnetic clasp (we have several on sale this week). This design uses 24 karat gold Extreme Flex Wire woven on a kumihemo board. Did you know that you can use our wire on a kumihemo board? I did! You can also use it on the Diva Boards which are a USA made product.

It was great fun to make and I've received many compliments on the style and beauty of the bracelet. I would note that anyone trying the pattern should adjust measurements to fit their wrist and be sure to keep tension on the Soft Flex Beading Wire as you braid. - Sam

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