Soft Flex Trios Bracelet Free Project Idea

9:44 AM

by Sara Hardin (me)

This is a personal favorite free project idea. I wove all 3 colors of a Soft Flex Trios Beading Wire through links made of Craft Wire. It turned out great! The colored beading wire in Soft Flex were the easiest to work with for this design. The Extreme took a little bit more patience but worked fine in the end.

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5 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Hi Sara,

    What a fun design! I love this bracelet created with the new Soft Flex Trios. Thank you so much for sharing this. Great idea!


  2. Hi Duchess,

    Art Beads is welcome to any of our free project ideas if you would like to share them with your customers. :)

    Thank you for the nice compliment.


  3. Oh wow, you are so good!! :)

    I just used some of the econoflex in autumn brown with some yellow cz's from artbeads. Simple, but cute, I love the colorful wire!!

  4. I am making this bracelet now and am finding it to be a little bit difficult. But I'm not going to give up. The long piece of softflex gets coiled up from so much weaving and I have to use a magnifying glass to do some of the weaving. But these aren't the fault of the bracelet or designer. It's me. I can't wait til it's finished.

  5. It was definitely the most tricky the first time that I created this bracelet. It took me quite a few hours using the Extreme set. I then tried it in the color Trios and found that it was much easier. You'll get it. It just might take you a little while to get there. :)

    Good luck!


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