Flex Your Creativity Beading Contest - Winners Announced!

9:00 AM

Grand Prize - First Place Winner
Extreme Trios: Bridal Flowers Necklace by Zoya Gutina

Runner Up - Second Place Winner
Extreme Trios: Extreme Beauty Necklace by Diana Shiraishi
using materials from The Bead Shoppe

Honorable Mention - Third Place Winner
Elegant Trios: Kazuri Links Necklace By Melissa Cable
using materials from Bead Club

Click to see all 10 winners of our Flex Your Creativity Contest. I was really impressed by all of the entries! I'm so glad that we had such a nice turn out of voters - almost 4,000 people voted to pick the winners! I received a few emails from participants saying that they really enjoyed expanding their beading arsenal by using color as part of the design. It is always a worthwhile venture if we can inspire someone to step out of their design box and try something new and different. A big thank you goes out to each and every designer that submitted. Like I said, all of the designs were wonderful.

Any ideas for our 2010 contest?

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1 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. For me, it was a real challenge to try new products, new color combination, and new design. I'm happy I won, and congratulate all the rest people participated in that contest and Soft Flex Company for the opportunity to enhance my skills!


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