Mica Shift Polymer Clay Beads and Soft Flex Trios Beading Wire Variety Packs

9:00 AM

Cindy Lietz Photos and Designs

At Polymer Clay Tutor, you can check out the designs show above using our Soft Flex Trios Beading Wire Variety Packs. Very sophisticated & elegant! Accentuate your beads with a complimentary color of wire. Soft Flex Company has the largest color selection of any beading wire manufacturer.

Because the Trios wire comes in such beautiful colors, I wanted to make sure the wire itself was featured. So I have large loops of it in each color crisscrossing throughout the choker, accented by golden colored glass beads. - Cindy Lietz

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. What a treat to pop by and see my necklace here! I am enjoying working with the Trios wire. It is so pretty and I have lots of projects I want to make with it. Thank you Sara for the link to my site and the nice words about my design! ~Cindy

  2. You are very welcome! Thanks for using Soft Flex Wire in your designs! :)


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