Soft Flex Wire Napkin Rings for Your Holiday Table

10:45 AM

Guest Blogger: Jamie Hogsett

Make Personalized Napkin Rings/Place Cards using Wire and Artwork from Soft Flex Company!

I've been thinking of all sorts of applications for using Kristen's free artwork for Soft Flex Company and Shrinky-Dinks to make fun holiday decorations. I used one of her Elegant Leaves gift tag designs to make these name cards. I traced her design onto the Shrinky-Dink paper, leaving out the "to" and "from" in her original, and filled in the names of the people I'm having over for dinner.

My brother happened to stop by just before I was going to bake the name cards. He was fascinated at how Shrinky-Dinks work, so I threatened to make all of his gifts using Shrinky-Dinks. He wasn't so excited by that.

Several months ago, I made a napkin ring project for the School of Design and I referred to those instructions to finish off my napkin rings. The only changes I made to the original instructions was to use two pieces each of three colors of wire and only using two crimp tubes to attach the wires to the name plate pieces.

I used Medium .019 diameter wire in Champagne, Red Jasper, and Green Emerald, along with Sterling Silver Mighty Crimp Tubes. The napkin rings will add a nice festive touch to the dinner table and will get us into the holiday spirit to go see The Nutcracker after we eat. I can't wait!

Jamie Hogsett is the Education Coordinator for Soft Flex Company. Contact her at or via her blog at

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