Spotlight on..."Elegant Holiday Trios" by Margie Deeb

9:00 AM

by Margie Deeb

Holiday jewelry calls for two kinds of texture that, when combined, create sumptuous elegance.

In other news, Margie's book The Beader's Color Palette has been named by the prestigious Library Journal as the "Best How-To Craft Book of 2009." The "How-To Craft" category includes books about knitting, crocheting, beading, wireworking, and scrapbooking. Out of the hundreds of crafts books published in 2009, Margie's was singled out. Congratulations Margie Deeb!
NEW Color by Margie Deeb - Elegant Holiday Treasure
Designer - Jenn Parsons
NEW Free Art - Printable bookmarks, gift tags, etc
Good Book - Seed Bead Fusion
Bead Seller - Byzantium


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