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Writing for Bead Publications
Written by: Lisa Kan

Do you have ideas to share with the bead community and want to see your designs in print? Perhaps it is the fear of the "R" word that keeps you from taking the first step or jumping that last hurdle. The "R" word, you ask is what we all fear and it is quite normal to have these feelings. It's "REJECTION" in capital letters. Capital letters because it strikes our egos and beats down our spirits. As it is said "when the going gets tough, the tough gets going". And to tell you the truth, rejection happens to all writers and designers, we just don't talk about it much.

Rejection is GOOD for us because it makes us persevere and become better artists. There is always room for improvement. Challenges allow us to grow internally and externally. And there is always more to learn, to write, to design, to create, etc... as the journey is never ending, so never give up. Positive or negative critique, we should all aim to please the most important person, ourselves. So, I am here to cheer you on and give you some tips on how to submit your first article to a prospective bead magazine.

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VAharoni wrote a thought provoking post about the current beading magazines on the market and the choices that they make. As an advertiser in most of the magazines named, it was nice for me to see an honest portrayal of what she does or doesn't like.

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