Runway Fashion Trends: Spring 2010

9:00 AM

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1. Capes (I totally want a cape!)
2. Girly (That's me all of the time. I love dresses and skirts....polish and jewelry. I embrace being a girl.)
3. Chain Strap Bag
4. Ruffles
5. Sequins (There is a sequined vest at H&M that I could kick myself for not buying.)
6. Gingham
7. Party Ready Shine
8. Tough-girl Chic
9. Pink Leopard Accessories (Sorry, but I think I'll skip this trend.)
10. Khaki Pants
11. Florals
12. Texture
13. Yellow (I enjoyed this color last Spring and I will surely enjoy it again.  With all of this rain lately a little sunny yellow is more than welcome in my life.)

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