Spotlight on...Color by Margie Deeb

9:00 AM

by Margie Deeb

Study the two versions of the Aqua/Silver Mini-Radiant Sun Earrings. Before you read further, decide which you think works best and why. Read further and I'll tell you my thoughts.

The one on the right is the final version that I sell as a kit. Here's why it is a much better design than the one on the left.

Article - In the Pink
NEW Color by Margie Deeb - Subtle Color Changes Make Significant Design Improvements
Designer - Zoya Gutina
NEW Free Art - Printable bookmarks, gift tags, etc
Good Book - Beading With World Beads
Bead Seller - Beads F.O.B.


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1 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. I have not yet had the opportunity of attending a bead show, as there have been none in our area. I do,, however plan to attend as soon as I have the option to do so! For now, I am grateful that we have these wonderful pages to look forward to. I shall have to be content to go to farmer's markets..where I must say that I have come across some wonderful finds!


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