New Beads For My Bead Box

9:00 AM

I love new beads and charms.  I often wonder what my collection will look like 10 years from now, how about 20 or 30.  I'm pretty sure that it will be overwhelming but wonderful all at the same time.  Yay beads!

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5 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Thank you for sharing such fabulous and eclectic beads. There are unlimited possibilities for these. Keep inspiring...

  2. Thanks for sharing these great beads! But, oops! Earthenwood was credited with making the ceramic beads, and I did not make them. I believe they were made by my friend Diane Hawkey.

  3. All fixed. Jamie Hogsett gifted them to me and I swear that she said they were Earthenwood Studio Beads. I must have gotten mixed up. :)


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