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9:00 AM

Design and Photo by Lisa Crone

Lisa used a bright red stoneware pendant from Art Beads in this design on our black Econoflex.  Econoflex Beading Wire is a craft grade beading wire. It is perfect for a design like this where you want some body in your design.  If you were looking for more flexibility, I'd suggest trying Soft Flex Beading Wire in black.  Either way, gorgeous design!

Design and Photo by Lisa Crone

Lisa recently won our new Soft Flex Beading Wire Trios Variety Pack in the Egg Hunt color palette.  This color combo was the top seller in Tucson.  In fact, it sold out!  The colors are each pretty in their own right and then when you put all 3 together, it is just even better.  This set includes: Purple Amethyst, Chrysoprase & Green Turquoise.  I love the Jill MacKay clasp.  Lovely!

A Bead A Day is a great blog to follow. 

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3 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. This was one of my favorite posts - i loved the bracelet

  2. Hi Sara! Thanks so much for your sweet comments!! I LOVE softflex wire! I had never really used the colors until I was working on my book about a year and a half ago. Since I created the "colored pencil art" piece with econoflex, I have never been the same! :)

  3. Jamie and I talk about the color aha moment all the time. Once you start using the colored wire as a part of the design, it is hard to even think of going back to pretending like the color of the wire doesn't matter.


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