Spotlight on....Beaded Opulence

9:00 AM

Our featured book this month is

by Marcia DeCoster

Beaded Opulence by Marcia DeCoster is a feast for your eyes. The key theme is "elegant jewelry projects with right angle weave." Although most projects look very complex, when they are broken down by author and designer Marcia Decoster they are actually quite doable. The illustrations are fantastic. I think that the patterns would be really easy to follow. The gallery pages at the tail end were awe striking. It is amazing how different each project is even though it is using the same basic weave. Very cool!

NEW Color by Margie Deeb - Pantone 2010 Color of the Year
Designer - Diana Shiraishi
Good Book - Beaded Opulence
Bead Seller - The Bead Monkey

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