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Our featured designer for this month is Diana Shiraishi

I enjoy designing beaded jewelry and find my inspiration in nature, art, and memories from my childhood.
Growing up I remember how beautiful I thought beaded jewelry was and how the women in my life sparkled when they were wearing it. They had style and grace just like a movie star. The hat, the gloves, the shoes and the matching pocket book; the look was complete!

One New Year's Eve in my early years, my Mother was dressing for a party and she had made her own dress; a shiny silver fringed slip dress. Then she put on a choker of rhinestones with matching earrings. My Mother just shined; she had the blue eye shadow and French twist to pull the whole look together too!

I kept my Mother's rhinestone set in my room and took it out every once in awhile to look at the rainbow of colors in the beads. I could have sworn the necklace was worth a million was to me.

I started beading in the Fall of 2008.

NEW Color by Margie Deeb - Pantone 2010 Color of the Year
Designer - Diana Shiraishi
Good Book - Beaded Opulence
Bead Seller - The Bead Monkey

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  1. How we all love sparkly things. Isn't it wonderful that a childhood remembrance has led to a current day beading life. Keep creating...


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