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Andrew Thornton Reviews his trip to Hawaii for the Soft Flex Glass Art and Bead Festival

9:00 AM

I think that you should visit Andrew Thornton's blog today and read about his stay in Hawaii for the Soft Flex Glass Art and Bead Festival.  Soft Flex hosts a show in Honolulu twice a year, March and September.  This small artisan show is brimming with talent.  It is a perfect pairing with a Hawaii vacation for vendors and shoppers alike.  If you don't already follow Andrew's blog, you really should.  He always has such nice things to share.  Then you should go ahead and book your tickets for the September show in Honolulu, HI. ~Aloha!

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2 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Thanks so much for writing about my post. I agree that it's a really great show. I'll even go so far as to say that it's my favorite show! Not only is it set in paradise, but the customers and fellow vendors are extremely nice and caring! Not to mention that this show attracts a lot of very talented artists! I feel bad about my recent post, because I only made it half way down my aisle. I didn't even make it over to the other room or even across the aisle. There's a lot of talent FOR SURE!

    Hopefully I'll get to go back in September and enjoy the beautiful weather on my birthday.

  2. That sounds like the perfect place to spend a birthday.


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