Neeley Designs Weaves Soft Flex Beading Wire to Create a Unique Beaded Pattern

9:00 AM

Neeley Designs Photo and Design

Pam Neeley shared the design shown above with me and I couldn't help but show it with of you (after asking permission - of course).  She told me that she set out to see "what Soft Flex could really do" and voila, this was her end result!  She also said, "This necklace came out great and has held up great."  She designed it a number of years ago.  You can click on the photo to get a better view.  She used .014 Fine Soft Flex Beading Wire but said that depending on the beads, you could even us .019 Medium.  Yay Pam!

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4 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. That is a really beautiful design! I would never have thought you could create so many different shapes and have it hold up with flexible beading wire!

    Pam it's a beautiful design! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing Pam's design - it shows off soft flex so well! what a lovely lacey design!

  3. I just saw Alice in Wonderland and this design would have been so lovely in white on the white queen.

  4. Very interesting design and I would not have known Soft Flex could do this. Thank you for sharing. Happy creating...


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