Western Union Money Order Fraud

9:00 AM

Fraudulent Money Order that we received.
We added the "void" to deter the image from being used further.

Recently, we had 2 attempts to use a $900 Western Union Money Order via the mail and the phone.  Thankfully, our sales representative felt uneasy upon receiving the first mail order and called Western Union to verify the amount.  She found out that the amount was actually for only $9.00 but had been changed on the money order that we received to $900.00. As you can see above, it looks legitimate.  We had a second attempt via a phone order.  Apparently, this fraudulent behavior occurs all of the time. But since it happened to us, we felt like it was important to mention it to the beading  blog-o-sphere.  Had Shelley not followed her instincts, we might have been out a good sized chunk of money.  We'd hate to see this happen to other companies in our industry.  If they targeted us, they might target you too. Beware!

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  1. I was a victim of identity theft, but luckily I live in a small town and the people at my bank know my spending habits, so they were able to stop it. After they got in touch with me, I got all the info I could from the bank about who was using my info. I spent approximately 8 hours making phone calls and found out that no less than 15 people were using my debit card numbers. Some places refused to give info, even though I said my card was used and I had a right to know who was trying to spend my money. One of the places was through Western Union, but they caught it before I lost $1000. Something clicked with WU and they stopped the transaction. The man I talked to was very nice and gave me all the info he had. After I got all the info I could, I went to my local police and gave them all the info I found out. The officer I talked to was impressed that I had as much info as I had. He said I had gotten more info than anyone else who had been victimized. Hey, I figured, if you're gonna try to screw me, I will come back with both barrels and get you back.
    This issue that SoftFlexGirl wrote about should be a warning to all who collect Money Orders as payment. Even checks. Wait for them to clear before you send product. If it doesn't feel right, don't accept it. Even those of us who have a small business. If you let these frauds happen, you only hurt yourself.

  2. It is just terrible. If these people would put their minds to good instead of evil, we might have discovered the secret to world peace by now. I'm so sorry to hear about how you were a victim. I think that it is an important topic to share about.


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