As seen in "Bead Trends" March 2010

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Bead Trends - March 2010

I appreciate that Bead Trends allows designers to name the stringing material that they actually used in their design.  Being that our line of products is so unique, it is important to recognize that using a product that is similar but not the same might yield a different response.  Using "beading wire" as a generic term is like using "herb" as a generic term in a recipe.  Rosemary, thyme, basil....they all add flavor to a dish, but they each add a distinct and different flavor.  At any rate, Dawn had a brilliant design in the March issue of Bead Trends.  In the more recent April issue, other designers that used our wire in their designs include but are not limited to: Kristy Abner, Kerri Fuhr, Melissa Biersbach, Stephanie Dieleman (the designer highlight), Susan Kennedy, Carrie Yashin and Debbie Goering.

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  1. Thank you for the mention, Sara!

    When I'm concerned about using high quality, strong, and flexible beading wire, I've never been disappointed in Soft Flex products. I was proud to list them in the details of my design for Bead Trends.


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