Crimping 101

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As tech editor of Stringing magazine, I'm fortunate to be able to hold in my hands every single necklace in each issue of the magazine. I love seeing all the designs in person and having the opportunity to see new beads and findings. It's the ultimate in window shopping!

This also means that I'm sometimes the person who gets to restring a necklace because the crimp didn't hold or the wire broke. Usually these breaks happen because the crimp tube wasn't properly crimped or the beading wire is just too thin for the beads used in the necklace. What I've learned at bead shows is there are many beaders out there who just don't know the proper wire to use or the correct way to crimp. At every bead show, I spend at least half of my time showing beaders how to use crimping pliers and teaching them about crimp tubes and crimp covers. It's so fun for me to watch a beader's face light up when she "gets it" and no longer has to worry about whether or not her beaded jewelry will break.

My wish is that every beader know the proper way to crimp. Even if you don't care for crimping pliers, I encourage you to learn the proper way to use them and try them on at least one piece of finished jewelry. No matter your preferred way or crimping, our School of Design has many resources that will help you become the best crimper you can be. Check out the All About Crimps article for everything you need to know about crimping, including a basic how-to, the importance of using quality crimp tubes, and a chart listing what size crimp to use with each of our sizes of beading wire, plus the number of strands of wire that can safely fit through one crimp tube. For detailed how-to instructions and step-by-step pictures, please read Basic Crimping Instructions. And for more information about how the quality of your wire affects your beaded jewelry, check out the Beading Wire Comparison Chart. Of course, we'd love to give you a crimping demonstration in person, so please stop by our booth at the bead shows, or please feel free to contact me or Ask Sara with any specific crimping questions - we're happy to help you out!

Guest blogger Jamie Hogsett is the Education Coordinator for Soft Flex Company. Contact her at

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful information. I too had difficulty with crimping in the beginning. The right tools and components really do make all the difference in the product being solid. Happy creating...


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