Las Vegas Glass Craft & Bead Expo - Guest Blog by Brian Clark

9:00 AM

Las Vegas is full of excitement of all kinds and for all budgets. The lights, sights and sounds bring in thousands of visitors every year.   One of our newest shows that we attend is called the Las Vegas Glass Craft and Bead Show, held at the South Point Hotel And Casino.  

This was my second year attending and working the show, and I have to say it has become one of my favorites. The talent of the many glass and bead artists is simply amazing. There are beads, gemstones, glass art, kilns and much more available for purchase all throughout the show offering you the chance to go home with your very own one-of-a-kind item. .

 There are also knowledgeable instructors and demonstrations available every day at almost every hour that the show is open to help you learn a new skill or to sharpen one you might already have. 

 Of course, Soft Flex Company is there as well to ready you with bead stringing materials and tools as well as with some of our gorgeous, high quality gemstones and bead strands. We also had our brand new Soft Flex Trio Beading Wire Variety Packs available along with some beautiful necklace and earring creations made by our very own Sara Hardin and Jamie Hogsett to help inspire you as to what can be done with them.

 Our job is not only to sell, but also to create, teach and inspire all of our wonderful customers in any way that we can. We want to thank each and every one of you who came by our booth this year and to let those of you who have never been at the Las Vegas Show that it is defiantly worth attending.

 We hope to see you next year at the 2011 bead show in exciting Las Vegas, Nevada!

Guest blogger Brian Clark is the Photographer for Soft Flex Company. Contact him at

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4 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Great photos! I couldn't make it this year so I really appreciate the glipse of the show-floor. I'll mark my calendar for next year's events. Vegas is always a great trip!

  2. As you can imagine, this is a top show pick for Soft Flex'ers to work. Everyone enjoys Vegas. :)

  3. The shows in Vega always seem to have extra flair.

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