Jamie Hogsett

Pea Soup Earrings

10:45 AM

Pea Soup is on the menu for lunch today, along with sharp white cheddar grilled paninis - yum! What does that have to do with these quick and easy earrings? Both require only six ingredients, so they're quick and easy to make, and the results are equally enjoyable.

These earrings came together in less than ten minutes and that includes the time it took to go through my stash and pull out the materials. The silver textured ovals are individual chain links from Soft Flex Company's oval and round silver-plated copper chain. I've been playing around with this chain, cutting it apart and using individual links or short sections of links for other projects. These two links were uncut leftovers and are perfect for adding movement and texture to the earrings. The five other ingredients are: Extreme 925 Sterling Silver .019 beading wire, 2mm crimp tubes, 3mm crimp covers, sterling silver ear wires, and ceramic charms handmade in Bulgaria from Golem Design Studio.

Guest blogger Jamie Hogsett is the Education Coordinator for Soft Flex Company. Contact her at Jamie@SoftFlexCompany.com.

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4 fabulous thoughts ...

  1. Love the earrings!

    (And my husband makes the BEST pea soup!)

  2. How fun to equate these lovely earrings with the menu and how few ingredients they take to make. Happy creating...

  3. I agree really fun spin on the project marrying it to the menu. Great design Jamie. I really like the use of the chain links!

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments. The earrings turned out to be a billion times better than the soup! I need to try another recipe...


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